Hand “blades” at Tremenheere 

Hand plane detail

Down at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens last Sunday to check out the new gallery (pretty awesome!). Checking up on my boards at the Artisan shop and noticed they’re calling my hand boards hand blades – I quite like
this term!
Anyway they are totally unique art works that you can buy after exploring what I consider to be the best gardens in Cornwall!

Hand blades!

The new gallery at Tremenheere

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

The “Flawed” project – imperfect beauty

Study in Walnut. This piece is for sale at the Artisan Shop – Tremenheere Gallery.

I look for unwanted pieces of wood, flawed and damaged and I try to make something beautiful out of them. Perfect imperfection.

Long handplane at Artisan Tremenheere