To make  fine paipo, bellyboards and skateboards with respect to performance and style, look and feel, material and spiritual.

Paipo Glide boards are a blend of ancient and modern. Building on the forms and shapes defined by the ancient Polynesians and Melanesians, the line and shape of sharks, as well as Andy’s  Cornish surfing heritage, has resulted in some of the most beautiful boards being built today.

Each Paipo Glide board is completely unique, they are shaped by hand and possess soul. Creating a board is almost a religious ceremony that imparts something to the board, that contains a past, a present and a future. The past honouring the ancient hawaiian shapers of the papa he’e nalu but also the history of the wood and the tree that gave it. The present, the creation of the board form  containing the touch and art of the shaper. The future, the rides that are to come for the next generations as the board is passed down.

Other Artworks

Aside from his surf related artworks Andy also finds time to lend his hand to other projects. These may include solid wood skateboards, wooden bowls, spoons and knives. Andy has even designed and created prototype dive goggles!