Other art

Other Artworks

This is a storyboard gallery where text—based panels are placed between images.

Aside from his surf related artworks Andy also finds time to lend his hand to other projects. These may include solid wood skateboards, wooden bowls, spoons and knives. Andy has even designed and created prototype dive goggles!

Use text—based panels between images to convey the story behind your awesome photo shooting.

The line is made for a young, urban and active woman, who is conscious of her look and comfort.
A garment is, before anything, a way to express ourselves and to convey a message on themes we really care about, altogether with a humoristic touch that also means to be positive.
Her goal is also to emphasize the value of clothing, which has become nowadays a worthless consumer’s mass product. That’s why she prefers small series where each item has its own number.